| Companion Animal Cremation

If you’ve experienced a death of your companion animal or anticipate needing end-of-life care relatively soon, this website will help you to make informed decisions. Each menu tab has just enough information to quickly answer your questions today. 

Should the need arise, I’ll be here to help whether that means giving you some space or sharing tributes as we work together to honor your friend.

Mike Dziuba, Owner 



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BRIDGEpet Services is located in Juneau and provides dignified animal cremation for all of Southeast Alaska. © 2007-2014


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| Resources

Over the years I’ve found brochures worth passing on regarding a type of grief that sometimes is not recognized in society. Here are a few that are quick reads but touch on all the right points.  You are always welcome to call me (or text if too difficult) to talk about resources. Whatever your coping methods, I do hope you find solace for your immediate stresses and eventually I hope some semblance of wholeness develops that honors the bond you cherished and…still have.

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| Sustainability

BRIDGEpet Services is a small local business that is nevertheless committed to environmental responsibility. While we reduce, recycle and reuse what we can, we have also chosen to offset what we can’t. Energy consumption for the prior year is audited by a reputable agency which makes a careful and detailed analysis of our Alaskan business’ carbon footprint. BRIDGEpet is pleased to report that we are certified carbon-free.

Thank you for choosing to support a business that not only honors the human-animal bond but also the only environment we all play in.


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| Cremation & Transport


Individual Cremation

An individual cremation means only one pet is placed in the crematorium. Your companion’s identity is safeguarded and all cremated remains are returned to you in an eco-friendly urn.

      • Individual Feline $196

      • Individual Canine $227, $262, $299: depending on weight 

      • Other species and animals over 200lbs: please inquire

Communal Cremation

A communal cremation means that the remains of animals are cremated together and respectfully returned to the earth without owner participation.

      • All communal cremations are $1.50/lb (minimum $25 charge). For example: a dog weighing 50lbs would be $75  while cats are typically $25

Transport Services Locally & Regionally

• Transport fee from your home to Bridge Pet Services- $35

• Owners may transport if desired, please call to schedule a time

• Courtesy transport from all local veterinary clinics and airport

036431-3d-transparent-glass-icon-transport-travel-transportation-airplane10-sc44For outlying communities shipping deceased pets to Juneau there are three basic steps if doing this yourself: 1) Choose a flight carrier; 2) Use an adequate shipping container addressed properly; 3) Obtain a veterinary death certificate for transport (this is not always needed). Many times your local veterinary staff can arrange all of this for you. Please call if you have questions as I am very familiar with this, having helped people ship from throughout Southeast Alaska since 2007. 

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